School Report

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Will Greenwood: Our New Head of Sports & Fitness

We are delighted to announce Hotel School's new Head of Sports and Fitness, Mr Will Greenwood, MBE. As a British Lion, and with 55 Caps and 31 tries for England (plus a World cup Winner's medal), Will is ideally suited to the task of assisting our students in improving work-ready fitness. His day jobs as a Sky Sports presenter and founder of School of Hard Knocks both stand him in good stead for the challenges ahead. Welcome Will!

HRH Prince William.jpg

Honoured to have the support of HRH at our special sponsor event

#hotelschoollondon Mick Clarke, Chief Executive of the Passage. His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge. Plus a.n.other.


Hanging out with the stars!

Ioan with the brilliant Chris Galvin, multiple Michelin Starred chef and excellent chap.


Life after Hotel School

One of our favourite graduates at work at Park Plaza Riverbank.

All in a day's training!

One of our students on a rather special training run!


Fabulous students and fabulous teachers!

The class of November 2017 about to graduate!


Yes! Headmistress

Veronique Bonnefoy - “The Headmistress” teaching her famous Cerises Jubilee. She thought life was interesting under Gordon Ramsay! With 2 of our fabulous students.


Meanwhile back in class...

Of our 20 teachers, this one is the weak link but he tries his best!

graduation day.jpg

Graduation Day November 2017 


#hotelschoollondon Very proud of yet another cohort of Hotel School students graduating.

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Thank you for the songs Ronan Keating

#hotelschoollondon The fabulous Ronan Keating @rokeating singing to our guests at the Hotel School launch event.


Tha fabulous Jack Stein, plus some fish, plus our brilliant students with the “headmistress“

#hotelschoollondon Jack Stein @JackStein generously sharing his expertise at our launch event.